im'a be down till im dead in the ground

Community For juggalos/lettes in New Hampshire
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This Community for ninjas in New Hampshire
here are some rules

1.No starting any "drama" or give any of the mebmbers attitude
2.Mass people can join also if you really want to
3.When you join tell fill the form out
4.and then post pics and post anything you want

when you join fill this simple form out and then from their on you can post what ever you want!

this is not a community were people are acepted/rejected everyone gets in as long as you follow the rules

How long you have been down:
Where you live in NH:
fav non-psy groups:
fav psy song:
Fav person in psy:
been to any psy shows or any gatherings?:
A screen name or email we can contact you on:
Pictures of you(if you have any):

"You're the reason why I get no sleep
Somtimes it's just a couple days
On the tops it's weeks and weeks
You're the reason why I still got heart
For my los and lettes
And BIG KIDS for the most part
You're the reason why the season never change
If we paste our problems together
We all can re-arrange and stand strong
Your's the reason why we been here so long
And representing you for the beats that we flow on
You're the reason why we do what we do
If you see us putting it down, we representing you
You're the reason why I want to cry
Ya see we love ya muhthafuckas so much we dedicate our lives
Family, unity, with diversity and individuality so fuck popularity
You're the reason why we sing this song "

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